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From Struggling Artist to Successful Entrepreneur: The Inspiring Journey of Stephanie Jimenez Schiller and Vogue Vignette
25th September 2023 • The Female Millionaire • Fuel to Fire
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  • Stephanie Jimenez Schiller, a Texican mixed media artist and the founder behind Vogue Vignette joins us for this episode. She delves into her entrepreneurial journey and shares valuable insights as a creative, navigating the world of business.

Starting the Journey

  • Stephanie’s journey began when she struggled as an artist, despite creating beautiful work. She highlights that her mentors played significant roles in helping her shift from being a whimsical artist. Her early work with clients like Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus led to the growth of her business. She talked about the importance of learning how to run a business when transitioning from being a creative person to a focused businesswoman.

Support and Mentors

  • Stephanie emphasized the significance of meditation and the support she received from her therapist and her husband. She discussed how her mother operated as the booking manager for Vogue Vignette. In addition, Stephanie stressed the importance of having friends familiar with the entrepreneurial journey, offering invaluable guidance and mentoring her on the learning process of growing a business and constantly facing new challenges.

The Transition from Art School to Entrepreneurship

  • Stephanie looked back on her early aspirations to pursue fashion design while in art school. Her love for illustration diverted her towards entrepreneurship. She stressed the substantial challenge of launching a business, highlighting the considerable time, energy, and support from loved ones required for success.

Creating a Clear Roadmap

  • Stephanie recommended that aspiring entrepreneurs develop a well-defined business plan outlining their objectives before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. She urged aspiring entrepreneurs to seek out mentors capable of addressing their inquiries. Additionally, Stephanie stressed the significance of purposeful actions and staying consistent to reach business milestones.

Expanding Vogue Vignette

  • Stephanie talked about her company's goal, expanding Vogue Vignette into the Pacific Northwest, including Canada and Oregon. She detailed the challenges anticipated and the essential research in entering new markets. Stephanie emphasized the significance of preserving the essence of Southern Hospitality within the events industry. She firmly held that Vogue Vignette's distinctiveness in the field stemmed from a blend of kindness, expertise, and a genuine passion for their craft.

Conclusion and Contact Information

  • Stephanie expressed her enthusiasm for Vogue Vignette’s future and their dedication to spreading joy through their artwork. Vogue Vignette's website and social media were also shared for listeners to explore. The episode wrapped up with appreciation extended to Stephanie for sharing her inspiring journey and valuable insights.

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