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The WFH Show - Kudos 28th May 2020
#10 – Kevin Kruse, Founder + CEO at LEADx
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#10 – Kevin Kruse, Founder + CEO at LEADx

Nikki’s guest is Kevin Kruse, author of several books and a contributor to Business Week, Fast Company, Business Insider and Forbes. He is also the founder and CEO of LEADx.org, a next generation AI-powered leadership development and management training company. Kevin tells us how AI can help us – and our managers – be aware of our personality type which in turn can guide us to better, customized WFH strategies. He notes that managers should be less concerned that people are working too little at home, but rather too much – which can lead to burn out. He also tells us how important recognition is, and suggests that since we are missing physical interactions around the office, companies should use systems (like Kudos, for example😉) that take “take the friction out of recognition” for remote team members.

Watch the Video Podcast: https://youtu.be/lhGX4Wr1UxA