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EA413: Nakita Reed – Using Smartsheet for Managing Architecture Projects
8th October 2021 • EntreArchitect Podcast with Mark R. LePage • EntreArchitect // Gābl Media
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Using Smartsheet for Managing Architecture Projects

An award-winning architect with experience throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Nakita Reed is skilled in the preservation, restoration, and adaptive use of historic buildings, with a focus on sustainable strategies in design and construction.  She has a Master of Architecture and a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia. She is a registered architect, a LEED®-Accredited Professional, and a certified Passive House Consultant.

In 2012, she co-founded a woman-owned boutique architecture firm that specialized in historic preservation and sustainable design.  Looking to make a bigger impact, she joined Quinn Evans' Baltimore office as an Associate in 2019 to continue blending historic preservation and sustainable design. She serves on the boards of Preservation Maryland, the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, a co-chair of the Zero Net Carbon Collaboration and is a past chair of the Maryland Green Building Council.  She is also the host of Tangible Remnants, a podcast that explores the intersection of architecture, preservation, sustainability, race & gender.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, Using Smartsheet for Managing Architecture Projects with Nakita Reed.

Connect with Nakita online at, listen to the Tangible Remnants Podcastor find her on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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