EP 17 - Dave & Brittany Rademacher of Rademacher Revival
Episode 1723rd November 2020 • The Mothball Prophecies • The Mothball Prophecies
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Lots of the interviews we do here on The Mothball Prophecies involve some level of envy for the Mavens and listeners alike. Actually, it would be more accurate to say ALL the interviews. All the Mothball guests have amazing stories and collections you can't help but drool over. Dave and Brittany Rademacher, however, have inspired a new level of yearning that borders on deranged. These two bought a house featured on the one and only Cheap Old Houses! Yes, yes, and Yes. We know. And this gorgeous old stunner could not have fallen into better hands. Listen to Jill and Sam salivate over descriptions of "original" this and "restored, like new" that. Did someone die there? Brittany isn't telling. Art deco light fixtures play a heavy role here as well. After you listen, the pod wants to know: Are you on Jill's side? Does it drive you crazy when someone refuses to hire a professional? Or are your feet firmly planted in the ground with Sam "I can do that myself" Mashburn? Get in loser, we're going to Home Depot.