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381. Fri-Date: How Seeking VARIETY in Life Leads to Deeper FULFILLMENT
Episode 38117th September 2021 • The Rob Murgatroyd Show • Rob Murgatroyd
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People need variety. Routines are great, but it’s the spaces where we break free from our routine and experience something new where life is truly lived. Environment plays a major role in this because it dictates so much of how you go about your day. For us, moving to Italy has been such a pattern interrupter that it feels as if we are living every moment as it happens. You don’t have to move to Italy to create the same effect; just take some time to acknowledge the contrast between the life you have and the life you imagine for yourself – and use that contrast to start inspiring action.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [03:43] The difference your environment makes to how you feel
  • [11:31] Being fulfilled vs. being empty
  • [14:30] Shifting your environment by defining your dream life
  • [18:45] Finding clarity in the contrast


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