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Strategic Consulting & Development of Businesses Starring Allan Dowie
Episode 3212th October 2022 • 100 Days and Beyond • Dudley Peacock
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Welcome to another episode of 100 days and beyond with Allan Dowie.

Allan is the Senior Board Executive with 20+ years of global strategic development and sustained profitable growth in multiple sectors. He is also a partner at N4 partner LLB.


Alan was passionate about finance and accountancy, so he started his career by setting up businesses like clothing, glass recycling, printing and property at a very young age. Then he went into the nuclear industry, finished his accountancy qualification. After that, he moved into the banking and, consequently, into consulting.

He is now an experienced Global CFO and C-Suite executive with a proven track record of operating within Private Equity backed and Public organisations with revenues of £1bn+, driving year-on-year growth, shareholder value, customer satisfaction and increased profitability through organic growth, strategic acquisitions, process improvements and complex business transformations.

N4 partners and its Aim

It is an investment in advisory partnership guiding clients to the best opportunities. It is a particular investment and advisory firm to deliver real growth and value. Understanding client their challenges needs and to guide them through the journey.

Structure versus strategy in businesses.

At N4 partners, Allan and his partners do structure and strategy together, allowing them to be relatively fluid in their approach. It’s not about putting people in boxes, but being part of a team putting the right processes and systems. Bringing on the right culture is essential.

Core principles of successful organisations

The pillars of success are the structure, process system, business model and right people. You need to be bringing in young people with different experiences and backgrounds to take learnings from them. Be able to bring the right team together. Have a plan based on different cultures and locations. It will help the business grow.

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