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155: Griefphobia, Tough Talk and Insights with Georgena Eggleston
9th April 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Holly devotes this special edition show to grief and how to deal with it. Her guest Georgena Eggleston, Beyond Your Loss grief expert, helps navigate these tough topics as the world is in a state of change, upheaval and global loss. Physical body emotions mind and spirit. Go to the center where there is always stillness. This is so big that we can’t navigate it with just our minds. We have to just trust that it’s going to be ok. Stop in the moment and simply breathe. That air supply hasn’t gone away!! Just pause. We have to do this breath by breath, moment by moment.  Georgena shares a powerful story of going to the grocery store and observing a young man in distress over literal “spilled milk.”  Natural loss is a part of life. We don’t cry when the leaves fall because we know it’s natural. But when something happens in our life, it’s more personal and grief is an “inside job” that is essential for us to be in this moment and feeling everything so we can be a grounded presence in the world.  Grief is a process - it’s not an emotion. It is the universal consequence of loss. we have to recognize that we are all in a state of grieving loss of life as we knew it. When we pause and listen, much of this high level of emotion is settled and we can realign ourselves.  Georgena explains the different states of grief: Raw grief - Fragile grief - Gentle grief Grief is an opportunity for growth. To go back and find that peace that’s always been within us. Three of the most important characteristics include courage, compassion, and forgiveness. Holly and Georgena navigate how to be with someone who knows people who have been diagnosed. This is a call to have a conversation about how we’re feeling! Ask questions like: “How does that make you feel?” “How’s your grief? “How are you doing this moment?” “When I hear you talk about _____ I feel your longing to do ____.“ “Would it be helpful if ____?” Do NOT flip it back to intellectual, simply listen, be present and don’t try to fix.  Right now the power is our presence and that’s what we need to remember. Be in whatever situation you’re in, whether it’s zoom meetings, emails, or social media interactions with coworkers, friends and family.  Holly and Georgena share their experiences with virtual funeral services, something that we’re not used to, but we are having to create this as our new normal.  We are not only grief-phobic but emotion-phobic in America! Georgena specializes in helping her clients integrate their mind, body and spirit during this extreme time of upheaval. Holly invites listeners to open compassion channels and centering channels so that when these experiences come, they can move through these situations with peace and presence. Use energetic touches during this time. Send compassion to those going through so much. Georgena sees herself as a lighthouse and invites listeners to do the same. Ask “What am I going to learn to do today?” “Turn on the switch within you that is our power and presence and love that you are.”  Find out more about Georgena at  Join Holly on Facebook Live for a daily show. Listeners can also find archived shows and resources at