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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 76, 19th April 2021
100K to Charity With Kimi Culp of The All The Wiser Podcast
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100K to Charity With Kimi Culp of The All The Wiser Podcast

Hear how one podcast reached fifty episodes and donated one-hundred thousand dollars to charity.

Kimi’s podcast is the first one-one podcast where each guest that comes on two thousand dollars is donated to a charity of their choice. It is a podcast similar to this one that profoundly impacts the world through the generous support of a foundation. 

It is an excellent example of how a cause-focused podcast can create change in the world. Kimi also opens up on her podcast about her mental health struggle and how it was a secret from the world since she was eighteen. 

Key Topics:

  • What was the genesis of All the Wiser (1:08)
  • It’s a big project, what was it like getting started (2:43)
  • What made podcast the medium of choice for this project (3:57)
  • What is the guest selection process like (5:00)
  • Share your own story on the podcast (7:34)
  • What episode surprised you and made you rethink something (8:37)
  • How is mental health connected to the podcast (11:24)
  • The stigma around mental health (14:06)
  • What is next for the podcast (15:51)
  • Advice for fellow cause who wants to start a podcast (17:15)

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