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The Four Freedoms with Harvey J. Kaye
Episode 21325th February 2023 • Macro N Cheese • Steve D Grumbine MS, MBA, PMP, PSM1, ITIL
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Historian Harvey J. Kaye joins Steve to talk about the complicated legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Kaye acknowledges many points in our criticism of FDR but goes on to discuss what Roosevelt was up against, and why he should be respected.

“Because Gramsci, I think it was, said, when you judge the past, don't forget, you too shall be judged. I'm paraphrasing … When socialists start winning elections, then they can start telling me about how inadequate FDR was.”

Them’s fighting words! But speaking of socialists – or rather, social democrats – and elections, the episode also includes discussion of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns, and the lessons Bernie could have taken from FDR. After all, they both faced serious opposition within the Democratic Party.

At a time when the American capitalist class were enamored of Mussolini, Harvey lays out FDR’s achievements and maintains that those policies prevented a revolution. Listen to the episode and see whether you agree.

Harvey J. Kaye is a Professor Emeritus of Democracy and Justice at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, and an award-winning writer who has authored and edited 18 books, including Thomas Paine and The Promise of America, Take Hold of Our History, FDR on Democracy, The Fight for the Four Freedoms, and The British Marxist Historians.

@harveyjkaye on Twitter