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The Book of Genesis - Michael Joseph Murano EPISODE 24, 15th January 2021
Gen 24: Chapter 12
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Gen 24: Chapter 12

Book of Genesis #24

How do you leave what you know and love and move on to a place you know nothing about?

"Go to a place I shall show you..."

Abram (the former name of Abraham) was not even told where he was supposed to go. How did this man who knew very little about God put his faith in him and follow his calling across hundreds of miles to his destination?

How did he convince his followers to accompany him? Why did they not label him as a lunatic?

What would you do if you received such a call, to go to a place you know nothing of, abandoning all that you know, all your family and friends, and walk into uncertainty as if it was the best thing that happened to you?