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How Laura Turned Her Study Process Around to Pass Her CPA Exams
Episode 1015th November 2022 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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In this SuperfastCPA podcast episode, you'll hear Laura's story about struggling with motivation after failing several CPA exams, and then how she turned things around and passed once and for all.


Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00 Laura Interview
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 05:25 Laura Did Some Research First Before Getting SuperfastCPA
  • 06:03 Laura Talks About Her CPA Journey
  • 07:40 Laura's First CPA Exam Experience
  • 08:51 Not Feeling Ready Even After Months of Studying
  • 10:23 How Laura Found SuperfastCPA and Passed Her First Exam
  • 12:47 Laura Talks About the Only Test She Felt Confident
  • 14:41 The Key Things That Made a Difference for Laura
  • 16:09 Laura's Daily Study Routine and CPA Exam Day Time Management
  • 19:04 How Laura Would Plan Her Study Sessions
  • 23:10 How Laura Adjusted Her Day to Study Efficiently
  • 24:50 Laura's Daily Morning Study Routine and Juggling Time With Family
  • 27:21 The Things That Laura Adjusted To Make Her Study Process Work
  • 30:12 Keeping Up With the Momentum is Important As Well
  • 32:23 Laura's Notetaking Process for Difficult Topics
  • 34:25 Studying Throughout the Day Using the App
  • 38:57 Laura Talks About Her Study Process for the Practice SIMs
  • 39:53 Laura Would Make a Timeline on How to Approach the CPA Exam
  • 42:09 Laura Realized the Difference of Confidence and Complacent
  • 42:50 Laura's Timeline for Passing the CPA Exams and Not Pressured Anymore
  • 46:33 Tailor Your Study Process According to Your Learning Style
  • 47:43 Laura's Relief of Being Done With the CPA Exams
  • 48:48 Laura's Top Tips for People Struggling With Their Study Process
  • 55:10 The Biggest Benefit That Laura Got from SuperfastCPA

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