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Episode 706th November 2020 • Moments with Moni • Monika Hardy
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Eclectic Moments with Moni 

Before the conversational Kovid Kaffee Klatsch with you and I begin, a short story relating the atmosphere of home life as I grew up. 

Every Friday night as a child, I watched family, friends and neighbors discuss, even argue, politics and religion around the kitchen table, after the dinner meal. At the end of the meal, Mom would raise an eyebrow to the children and we knew it was time to clear the dishes and begin hand washing, drying and putting them away, for no one had heard of an automatic dishwasher back in the 1960’s. There was no need for one, with capable older children in the home, who knew their chores. Mom would put the little ones to bed, and after the dishes were done, the older children would be allowed to stay up a bit longer to read and witness, what is at present, not so commonplace. 

More adults would arrive after work, and sit elbow to elbow around the formica topped, plastic table cloth covered table. The beer and wine were enjoyed but not abused, while cigarette smoke hung thick in the air. These discussions would continue into the early morning hours. Yet, as if magically, no one was bullied for a differing opinion. No one was threatened with bodily harm. No one cursed, in English. Curses were reserved for the original tongue, for greater emphasis.

Fifty years later, I am still teased for not cursing properly. Not that I attempt it on my own in either language, but when pushed because others require a good belly laugh, I’m told to not quit my day job. 

No matter, I would rather be known for being incapable of such a talent as cursing, then win an award on the subject. 

Beer, wine, cigarette smoke, and cursing are not a part of Kovid Kaffee Klatch, but the passionate nature of such discussions are still treasured Moments. I am thankful for the "Air that I breathe" today. 

Let's step into "Other People's Shoes" and walk into 2020, Have you noticed the Election stalemate for now? Ja,ich auch. Yes, me too. 

God has reminded me that I am to trust Him, to keep my eyes focused on Him, and He so kindly fills me with peace. No I don’t know how the election results will turn out. It looks like it may take weeks to find out 

ALL that is going on. 

Just continuing to pray for evil to be exposed and good to take command. And then…..l am reminded of the words I shared on the last Biblical Covenant story regarding the Messianic or New Covenant. 

After explaining that Jesus is all we need, The natural conclusion,

to the Biblical Covenant Series, was a time line, to remind us of the beginning and ending of each of the Covenants, which brought a time line into our minds eye. 

So, rather than tip toeing from The End of the Church Age, in which we are living, I jumped into the next thing on God’s Calendar…yup, the snatching away of God’s people, and then 3 1/2 years of trouble and then 3 1/2 years of bigger trouble followed by, well you get the picture. 

Now we are here on earth with a big X that marks our spot, then all of a sudden, those that love Jesus and have entered into a Covenant Relationship with Him are suddenly gone! Vanished off the face of the Earth. Not only that, but the Holy Spirit that resided and abided within God’s people that were Raptured, will be taken out of the Earth and the restraining power of Good over Evil will also be gone! 

How’s that for a little lite conversation over Kaffee? Entschuldiung, Pardon me, but as an ENFP, it’s difficult or better said, I’m really not interested in chit chat. Yes as an Extrovert, I love to meet new people and I need to talk with them and dig deeper into who they are and what they are passionate about, just to be able to remember their names! I wanna know what makes you tick. So, after about 15 minutes of what I would call having a great conversation, the possible introvert on the other end feels like they have been under an FBI investigation. Too many strikes against me already, being a German, and ENFP.

So, I have learned to c a l m  i t  d o w n. 

Would you like another cup of Kaffee? Ein stück Kuchen, a piece of cake?

I can see that it’s time to switch gears in this eclectic conversation. 

Did you happen to catch the episode on Growing Old gracefully & Biblically? Well, that was for myself as much as you. Thanks for the request of the topic and I was so happy to be able to get Sue Donaldson to share and begin n our series with plenty of wise words for those that have ears to hear.

She also kindly offered plenty of resources from her website and I hope that you were able to take part in the Sale. 

In fact the Kaffee Kuchen we are enjoying is one of the recipes she shared with me. Have you tried making it yet? 

I’m glad you mentioned this to me the other day….that Jesus is still King and we can trust Him for He is good! He is the Way the Truth and the Life, and that He is the Bread of Life, and that we should taste and see that He is good! 

It reminded me that I wanted to share my take on the Artesian bread recipe that I have been using for a few decades now. 

Well, I have retired the recipe for myself because it is not low Carb, but for those that want a healthy bread with no added preservatives or chemicals it tastes great and very easy to keep on hand. Since I can’t hand you the loaf that I mad for you through the Microphone, I will post the recipe and photos on the Blog at Moments for Moni. Let me know how you enjoy the bread next time you leave me a voice message. 

Oh, what’s that? You noticed the Submit comment button on the Blog. That’s great. Now you can leave me up to a 90 second voice message letting me know if you like the bread, and more importantly, use it for an upcoming episode. I’d like to have you tell me what you are Thankful for. 

Mention your name or be anonymous, tell us the state or country you live in, and tell all the other listeners what you are Thankful for. I would like to add some of the replies to an upcoming Thanksgiving Episode. Thank you, you are appreciated! 

You may not know this yet, but I’ve been Delving into learning Video, which is a whole other world compared to Podcasting which includes Lighting, cameras, lipstick, foregounds, backgrounds, green screens, apps, and more apps, movie editing programs, pictures and video, angles, and more lipstick, and then add in everthing you know about podcasting. Set up the entire room, get it just right, hit the record switch, and viola….the neighbor turns on some kind of really loud machine! 

Really?? I had to laugh, I mean it’s pouring rain, so I knew it could’t be a lawn mower, or a snow blower, and the major part of all the house building is done in our immediate area. I ventured look out the window and only saw dark clouds and rain while I made my way to the front door. 

There is it was in the neighbors yard….a shiny new tiller! 

I guess that means more time for research. 

Laundry and lunch time! Yes the go together. This is a home, not an office. The focus of a Homemaker and a Helpmate is on the family and the home. So, while the neighbor is making noise, my maids, the washing machine and dryer will be doing a bit of work of their own. After I get them started, then off to make lunch and plan dinner, in case I have another opportunity to record again this afternoon. 

Do you ever have days like that? I’m sure many of us do, especially this year of Covid Kaffee Klatsches

I want to thank you, you know who you are, who held me accountable to my writing. Yes, that is why I started podcasting and looking into Video Podcasting in the first place. Those ENFP’s out there understand what I’m going through don’t you? So many irons in the fire. Not really to be busy for business sake, but to explore the world of creativity from so many different angles. Painting, writing novels, poetry, Podcasting, Singing, worshipping Jesus through song, housekeeping, homemaking, 

Water emergency……gotta go. "Keep looking for Joy"