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Dec 23-Jan 6 Committee, US Blizzard, Savannah Guthrie, Cristina Haack Mercury Poisoning
23rd December 2022 • the DELUS REPORT • Delus Johnson
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Here is the latest News

The January 6 committee investigating former President Donald

Trump has released it’s final report and here are some of the findings:

Jan. 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson stated "This

report will provide greater detail about the multistep effort devised and

driven by Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 election and block the transfer of

power. Representative Thompson also stated Building on the information

presented in our hearings earlier this year, we will present new findings about

Trump’s pressure campaign on officials from the local level all the way up to

his Vice President, orchestrated and designed solely to throw out the will of

the voters and keep him in office past the end of his elected term,

Committee Vice Chair Vice Chair Liz Cheney then stated "Among

the most shameful of this committee’s findings was that President Trump sat in

the dining room off the Oval Office watching the violent riot at the Capitol on

television. No man who would behave that way at that moment in time can ever

serve in any position of authority in our nation again," Cheney said at

Monday's meeting. "He is unfit for any office."

The titles to the report definitely sound a little partisan

as Chapter 1 is titles THE BIG LIE, and Chapter 2 is titled I JUST WANT TO FIND

11,780 VOTES, however lets delve into this report

•The Jan. 6 panel released transcripts of the testimony of

former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who had testified that Trump was

aware the mob was armed when he sent it to the Capitol and that he had tried to

join his supporters there.

• The committee’s report alleges that Trump and his inner

circle conducted at least 200 public or private acts of “outreach, pressure, or

condemnation” targeting state and local election officials, as well as state

legislators, to overturn the results between Trump’s loss in November and Jan.


• There were 68 meetings, phone calls or texts aimed at

state or local officials; 18 public remarks targeting them; and 125 social

media posts, the committee says.

• The report also revealed more details about the fake

elector plan, which the committee alleges Trump embraced when it became clear

that state officials in Georgia would not overturn results in their states

& replace Biden electors with Trump electors.

Some interesting news on the report has been issued today

I will definitely keep you posted on any updates and I look

forward to the Former Presidents response to this report as I am sure he will

have quite a lot to say, but I am assuming several media outlets will not print

any of that but you can listen later today or tomorrow to the Delus Report and

I will get you his full response.

In other news

In Paris 2 people are dead and 4 were injured in a shooting,

a 69 year old suspect was quickly apprehended by authorities

Witnesses heard 7 or 8 gunfire shots

In entertainment news

•The Today show is in turmoil as producers scramble to find

fill-in hosts for Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, who have been absent all


• The morning co-hosts have reportedly been locked in a

power struggle for years, and in recent months it has spiraled out of control,

leaving everyone—including guests—feeling the tension.

• According to an insider, the staff are caught in the

middle: "It would be smart to align with Savannah because she is the boss,

but Hoda is so much more fun."

• It's unclear how long Guthrie and Kotb will remain out of

their anchor chairs.

I expect to see some change in the Anchor chair soon

•Christina Haack the popular host of HGTV series Flip or

Flop has mercury and lead poisoning, which may be from renovating old houses.

• She also has small intestine bacteria overgrowth.

• She is detoxing through herbs and IVs, and then will

tackle implants.

‘That’s So Raven’ star Orlando Brown arrested for domestic


•On Thursday, Orlando Brown was arrested in Ohio for

misdemeanor domestic violence.

• The Lima Police Department received a call about a fight

in progress before apprehending the actor.

• TMZ reports that the altercation was with a family member

or another person living in the home, and that Brown has been in Ohio for more

than one month. 

• This arrest comes four years after an intervention-style

interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, and one year after spending time in jail for

trying to change the locks on his friend’s restaurant doors and possessing



Frigid temperatures continue to grip U.S.

Extremely cold arctic air is expected to plunge southward

and impact much of the country throughf Christmas, December 22–26, according to


Temperatures 40 degrees below average and dangerous

life-threatening wind chills as low as 50 degrees below zero are possible in

the northern Rockies and northern Plains. Sub-zero to single-digit temperatures

are likely across the central Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and


Well below freezing temperatures will extend into the

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and as far south as the Gulf Coast through the holiday

weekend. Based on National Weather Service forecasts, every state in the

continental U.S. will experience temperatures below 20 degrees on Christmas


Major blizzard to impact holiday travel

Treacherous winter conditions associated with a strong

winter storm will pose challenges for some holiday travelers. Heavy snowfall

and strong winds are expected from the Plains and Midwest into the Great Lakes

Wednesday night, December 21, into Saturday, December 24.

The combination of snow and wind is likely to lead to

blizzard conditions in some areas, making travel dangerous, and at times,

impossible. Rapid and significant temperature decreases associated with this

system raises the potential for the flash freezing of bridges and roadways. The

intensity of the cold would pose a significant danger to anyone who becomes

stranded in blizzard conditions. A series of systems moving onshore in the

Pacific Northwest will lead to several rounds of heavy precipitation this

holiday weekend.

On another weather note:

November 2022 was another unusually warm month, as the

planet saw its ninth-warmest November on record.

Looking at the Arctic and Antarctic, both poles had their

top-10 lowest November sea ice coverage on record.

The average global land and ocean surface temperature for

November 2022 was 1.37 degrees F (0.76 of a degree C) above the 20th-century

average. This ranks as the ninth-warmest November in 143 years, but the coolest

November since 2014.

November 2022 marked the 46th consecutive November and the

455th consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th-century average.

Europe tied 2000 for its third-warmest November on record.

South America, Asia and Africa each had a November that ranked among their 20

warmest on record. North America had a warmer-than-average November, but it did

not rank among its top-20 warmest.



Lets take a look at who died on this day.

Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo was hung on this day in

1948 for war crimes I think a lot of us forgot that state leaders of Japan were

actually executed after the war the man that was the Prime Minister of Japan

was executed for war crimes on this date in 1948

Lavrentiy Beria

Soviet politician and head of the NKVD secret service,

executed after on this date in 1058 after being ousted from power at  the age of 54

1975 Richard S Welch, CIA station chief in Athens, shot dead

Billy Barty was a little person that appeared in several

movies including Under the Rainbow, Foul Play), dies of heart failure at 76 on

this date in 2000

IN 2005 Norman D. Vaughan, he was Admiral Byrd's first

expedition to the South Pole. He also ran dog teams in a professional capacity

as part of a search and rescue unit in World War II,he was 100 years old