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Brainspotting: Creativity and Performance Expansion with Jenny Williams
16th January 2023 • Breaking Through with Apollo • Greg Bekkers
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Today we interview therapist Jenny Williams who specializes in creatives. Specifically performance and creativity expansion. We go in depth into Brainspotting which is one of the most exciting and new modalities. Brainspotting is one of the newest cutting-edge techniques for the treatment of trauma, and also in healing creative blocks and performance issues. This brain-body therapy is ideal for helping creatives heal from the past, ignite their talent, and pursue their dreams and career with all cylinders.We even do a demo of how brainspotting works in a session with me.

“When Brainspotting heals an artist of their wounds, their spectrum of creativity widens dramatically”— DAVID GRAND, PH.D. 

Find Jenny here:

P.S. Unfortunately the last 10 minutes we had some technical difficulties that made the audio slightly harder to understand. Luckily it's only the last 10 minutes it affected.

Hosted by Greg and Thomas Bekkers of Apollo Management.

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