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Eff it Living. An Evidence-Based Way to Beat Stress and Change Your Life with John C Parkin
Episode 1517th December 2019 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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In this episode, Rachel is joined by John C Parkin, author of the bestselling F**k It: The ultimate spiritual way, to talk about the powerful philosophy behind the F**k It mentality, and how using it can make our lives better. 

We chat about how the phrase F**k it is so powerful as it helps us form a bridge from our left brain to our right brain to access the very powerful, creative aspects of brains – the part of ourselves which lives in the present and helps us to truly relax. We discuss the concept that one of the reasons why we feel so stressed is that we attach too much meaning to too many things (what other people think of us being a prime example). When we relax, others relax and we get better outcomes in both work and life. 

We discuss how the F**k It principle might help busy doctors even with things that matter very much and how a bit of self-coaching (anabolic coaching – you heard it here first!) can help us to get some perspective, work out what really makes a difference in life, move forwards and take action to overcome stress and overload.

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F**k It: The ultimate spiritual way book 

The Effect of Swearing of Strength and Power Performance, Keele University

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