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Leading growth: a CEO perspective
Episode 321st July 2021 • Revenue Riser • Alate Business Growth Ltd
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What role does the CEO play in leading growth? What does it mean to be a sales-led leader? And why should a CEO carry a ball of string if they want to take their company of a voyage of change?

Join me, Anna Britnor Guest, with guests, Lorrin White & Allan Merritt, openly and candidly sharing their experiences about leading growth in their organisations. In this episode we talk about leading the pace of change and why being in a growth phase doesn't necessarily translate into immediate revenue. We discuss why decisiveness, communication and clarity are essential and Lorrin and Allan offertheir tips for leaders looking to grow their companies.

About our guests:

Allan Merritt is an experienced business founder and leader. He is now leading growth as CEO of Arnlea Systems , specialists in tracking, inspection and maintenance software for the oil and gas sector.

Lorrin White is CEO of Bamboo Technology, an award-winning ICT provider, supporting clients to connect and grow their businesses. Lorrin has been on the Bamboo journey for nearly 20 years, rising through the ranks to take the reins as MD and now as their passionate CEO.

Revenue Riser is hosted by Anna Britnor Guest of Alate Business Growth who has over 30 years experience within the tech sector. From a successful sales career she now works with tech B2B companies to help them to grow.

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