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How Your Relationship With Exercise Is Linked to Your Relationship With Food
Episode 79th February 2022 • You Are Nourished • Lauren Gayfer
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The diet culture taught us that the purpose of exercise is to burn calories and get thin. So you just work off what you ate. Just eat less and move more. Track your food and stay on a calorie deficit. All that talk about what we should eat and how our bodies ought to look. As if it's that simple. It is not!

In this episode, I'm going to talk about how diet and exercise are so closely linked to one another. I will also share with you the reason most fitness plans fail and what we should be doing instead. If you want a healthier body minus the stress of a restrictive diet and rigorous exercise, this episode will show you how!

“It's really important that we find ways to move our bodies in ways that bring us joy.”

- Lauren Gayfer

In This Episode:

- Ever wonder why you can't stick to a new fitness plan? Here's why…

- Discover how our childhood experiences shape our beliefs and define our identity.

- Learn some simple ways to find joy for movements. This could be the key to a healthier body. 

- There's a big difference between exercise for weight loss and movement for joy. Let me break it down…

- We all know that exercise has huge benefits. Here's more reason to move our bodies…

- Should you run or do yoga? Know the type of movements that are suitable according to age group. 

- Explore your own relationship with exercise and try out something that brings you joy.

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