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Discover The Future of Money - Lori Souza EPISODE 18, 11th May 2020
Bitcoin as an Alternative Investment
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Bitcoin as an Alternative Investment

Discover the future of money, markets and payments and how to Thrive, not just Survive in a Changing Economy

Here we discuss Bitcoin as an alternative investment, investing in the future of digital money, and a changing economy. Along with it being a top priority for the World Economic Forum and the 2030 United Nations Sustainability Goals.

I'm currently offering you a financial program that helps you set up a Cryptocurrency Account, creating an Economic Plan of Action in the changing economy, Crypto IRAs, Book today: https://calendly.com/s/dAFQQmOt

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Lori Souza, MBA, BSIT Educator/Economics/RealEstate/Technology/Cryptocurrency

Email: innovativeeconomy@gmail.com

I accept bitcoin: 39reXHmLq7nJgZuJJMH9ye79xmJbMFWqcQ

Beginners: Download/set up an account to purchase cryptocurrency, linked with your bank account, use my link below and receive $10 free bitcoin:

1st) Coinbase Exchange, https://www.coinbase.com/join/souza_px?src=android-sms This is referred to as a soft digital wallet on your phone or computer

2nd) Download your hard digital wallet onto your phone: 1) Monarch wallet 2) Ethos or 3) Mycelium-- ask a friend to send you crypto! Transfer Cryptocurrency from Exchange to hard wallet or have a friend who has cryptocurrency practice a transaction with you.

Congratulations for making the decision to use community money!