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The Power of Publicity: How to Leverage the Media to Increase Your Credibility
Episode 1826th June 2023 • LaQuita’s Toolbox • LaQuita Monley
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Growing up with a celebrity in the family, Taiisha Bradley had a front-row seat to the world of media and publicity. But her journey took an unexpected turn when she realized the power of teaching and guiding entrepreneurs to become their own publicists. As the pandemic opened doors for more people to approach the media on their own, Taiisha saw the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with a wider audience. Her passion for teaching and empowering others has given her a renewed sense of purpose and has helped entrepreneurs achieve credibility and authority in their industry. What will the power of publicity hold for your business? Join Taiisha on her journey and find out.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the impact of strategic publicity on entrepreneurial success.
  • Learn how to foster meaningful relationships for effective networking in the world of PR.
  • Uncover the secrets to developing a captivating pitch that grabs the attention of your target audience.
  • Explore how to maximize the potential of online platforms to achieve exceptional PR results.
  • Delve into the importance of creativity in public relations and innovative ways to secure coverage.

My special guest is Taiisha Bradley

Taiisha Bradley, a public relations and media expert, has been a driving force in the world of publicity for over 25 years. From her initial involvement in media, Taiisha had a keen eye for detail and helped notable entrepreneurs and small businesses amplify their message and gain the recognition they deserved through the power of publicity. A natural teacher, Taiisha now focuses on empowering others with the tools, resources, and opportunities to take their business to the next level, attracting attention from various media outlets on their own terms. Taiisha's unparalleled passion for teaching, as well as her depth of experience, make her the perfect guest to discuss the power of publicity for entrepreneurs.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  •  Earn publicity in less than 90 days without experience or connections with Media Circus Publicity Leads on Patreon! 7-day free trial of Media Moguls ($24/month) level membership.

  • 30 days free of OnePitch using code: TBFRIENDS30

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often face the challenge of getting the word out about their business and gaining exposure in the crowded marketplace. Publicity can be a powerful tool in amplifying their message and reaching the right audience. By utilizing public relations strategies, entrepreneurs can make a significant impact on their target market and build credibility for their brand. Publicity also helps in creating brand awareness and establishing trust among consumers, which is vital for the growth and success of a business. Taiisha Bradley shares her insights on how publicity can empower entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise and achievements. During the conversation, she emphasizes how earned media can provide businesses with much more reach and authority than social media channels alone. Through her Media Circus Speed Pitching event and online platform Publicity Leads, Bradley is actively helping entrepreneurs connect with journalists and influencers, providing them with opportunities to pitch their stories directly and maximize their media exposure.

Becoming a Go-To Person for the Media

As entrepreneurs aim to gain more visibility and media coverage, they should strive to become a go-to person for the media in their industry. Being seen as a reliable source of information with unique, valuable insights can significantly increase the likelihood of being featured in news stories and articles, leading to increased credibility and business growth. During the conversation, Taiisha Bradley shares her thoughts on becoming a go-to person for the media and how entrepreneurs can make this a long-term goal. She advises consistently putting oneself out there in the media, building strong connections with media personnel, and demonstrating expertise in their field. By positioning themselves as reliable sources with valuable insights, entrepreneurs can ensure increased media coverage and ultimately grow their brand.

The Importance of Credibility

Establishing credibility is essential for entrepreneurs looking to increase publicity and media coverage. By demonstrating their expertise, experience, and achievements to journalists, businesses can position themselves as reputable sources of information in their industry. The credibility gained through media mentions can further enhance their brand image, leading to increased consumer trust and loyalty. Throughout her conversation with LaQuita Monley, Taiisha Bradley shares the importance of credibility and how entrepreneurs can use their media coverage strategically to build authority in their industry. She explains that the validation from media outlets and third-party professionals gives entrepreneurs and their brands significant clout in their field, which can then be used to grow their business further and attract more opportunities.

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