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The Power of Progression and Life Mastery: Unveiling Infinite Potential with Sherry Fernandez
Episode 7911th July 2023 • Women In Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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My guest this week is Sherry Fernandez. Sherry is the author of the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller book ‘Life Mastery: Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential’. The book has sold tens of thousands of copies globally and has been featured on several leading media outlets.

Sherry is a motivator and an educator, and she derives the greatest joy from helping people develop their potential and succeed in life. She and her husband are a rags-to-riches story, and they achieved it through the continual education and application of the things they learned.

To find out more about Sherry please use these links:




Sherry also mentions a few books in this episode:

> Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker

> The Great Pain Deception by Steven Ray Ozanich

> Young Forever by Dr. Mark Hyman

Hello, I'm Vanessa, the host of Women In Confidence. Welcome and thanks for listening. I designed this podcast to appeal to working women who want to understand what confidence is, what you can do to build (or rebuild) your confidence and then maintain it. I interview amazing women who have genuine stories to tell about their journey through life and how they manage the ups and downs of life. My vision is for my listeners to try something that has worked for my guests and if it changes their lives then I feel that the podcast has been a positive contribution to the world.

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I hope 2023 has going well for you - wow time is flying so quickly. My ambition for Women In Confidence, this year, is to reach some record download numbers per episode and to find a sponsor. Let me know what you are hoping to achieve in 2023.

Vanessa xx

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