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Beating Burnout with Julian Reeve
Episode 885th June 2024 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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In this episode of Welcome to Eloma, Julian Reeve, CEO of Perfect Equilibrium Inc, talks about burnout, the causes, and prevention strategies. Julian shares his personal experience of burnout after working as the Musical Director for the Broadway show, Hamilton, and then taking over 25 Broadway shows around the world as a Music Director, and how it led to a heart attack. Kiley and Julian explore the signs and symptoms of burnout, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness. Julian also highlights the difference between stress and burnout and the three dimensions of burnout: 

  • Overwhelming exhaustion
  • Cynicism and detachment
  • Ineffectiveness

They discuss the role of mindset in managing burnout and the need to challenge fixed thinking. Julian also shares insights on the recovery process and embracing change. He emphasizes the importance of developing a healthy relationship with work and the need for self-care and self-reflection to prevent burnout. 

In this episode, Julian Reeve shares his experience of finding happiness during challenging times and the importance of taking space for personal growth. He also discusses the value of embracing change and taking risks in order to achieve success. Finally, he provides information on how to connect with him and learn more about Perfect Equilibrium.


  • “One of the most valuable things that we can all do, whether we're entrepreneurs or anything else, as far as burnout goes, is develop our self-awareness. Because the physical symptoms of burnout weren't necessarily prevalent and weren't present for me to go, “Oh, OK, I'm experiencing chest pain” or I'm constantly fatigued or I'm cynical or I'm detached, or all the other stuff that goes with burnout. And so had I developed enough self-awareness to understand that I was actually headed in the wrong direction, maybe I would have caught it.” 3:43
  • “So if we approach anything with the right mindset and we have the right system and we have the right strategy, we will get exactly where we need to go. And perfect equilibrium to me is that space. It's much more than work-life balance. It's much deeper than that. There's a spiritual element to it. But for me, in organizations particularly, it's where employees get to function at their best capability because the culture and the systems are strategically cared for and a mindset is present to kind of aim in the right direction.” 14:45
  • “You know, we burn out for several reasons. I strongly believe that organizations and individuals both have responsibility for burnout management. Now, officially, we burn out because of six main reasons; work overload, lack of control, insufficient reward, feelings of unfairness, breakdown of community, and a conflict of values.” 28:58

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