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REMASTERED: Chasing Dreams, with American Idol Winner Kris Allen (Music, Entertainment, TV, Recording Industry)
Episode 21316th May 2023 • The Action Catalyst • Southwestern Family of Podcasts
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Kris Allen, singer/songwriter and the winner of American Idol Season 8, shares his musical start as a classically trained viola player, how he tried out for American Idol because he was bored on the weekend, the relief of winning (because it was over), the car accident that threatened his career and touring in a cast despite it, becoming a better guitar player, and why he'd love to talk to you if you're not a fan.

Show Highlights:

My dream was so big, I didn’t know how to move towards it. - Kris AllenI was surprised at the results every round. - Kris AllenAll the time I spent playing in my room and in bars prepared me for the show. - Kris AllenI am incredibly lucky and blessed that this happened to me. - Kris AllenI do not take winning American Idol for granted. - Kris AllenMy time on the show felt incredibly surreal. - Kris AllenWhen Ryan announced my name, I knew life was going to change. - Kris AllenI thought I would never play an instrument again. - Kris AllenLearning to play again has been hard, but I am a better now than I was before the accident. - Kris AllenYou will find happiness in going after your dreams, not in settling. - Kris Allen

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