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#0 | Welcome to The Hilla (Neighborhood)
17th July 2020 • In The Hilla • Ahmed Ismail
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In The Hilla is a podcast by a young Sudanese entrepreneur who discusses everything from career development, entrepreneurship, real estate, and mental health! The purpose of this episode is to just give some context about myself and what to expect from the podcast.

I started doing interviews for my podcast back in April and am just now starting to post the content. My platform is just in the beginning stages of growth so please share and let everyone know!

When I originally had the idea for my podcast, I was thinking of issues within my community. It is rare to see engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and equity owners in a low income neighborhoods. At the end of the day people are a product of their environment and it is hard to be something that you can't see. Therefore, I created this podcast to serve as an example. As someone that is from a low income community, I never pictured myself being where I am today. Through this platform, I hope to educate/inform folks from similar backgrounds about the different avenues/possibilities that exist. And more importantly, break down how it was done as well as identify the challenges that can be expected.

Thanks for tuning in!