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I AM Justice - Tom Donnan pt 1
Episode 112027th July 2022 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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I Am Justice – Tom Donnan pt 1

As we continue unabated down the path outlined in the Book of Revelation, there seems to be a sense of apathy – even in the Body of Christ.  We have become decensitized to what we see on the news.

Shootings take place and our response is, “That’s terrible. Those poor people…”  We hear about children being kidnapped and trafficked, “Those poor kids. What kind of monsters do that?”  We hear about earthquakes and thousands of people killed and even more are injured, “Oh, that’s terrible…”

And that’s it!  No action. No PRAYERS by the Body of Christ!  None!

Oh, there may be a mention somewhere as someone, maybe your pastor or somebody says, “Don’t forget to lift up those children or the victims or those dealing with the forest fires, earthquakes, mass shootings – whatever, in prayer.”

And that, in 90+% of the cases, is it!

No national cry for prayer. None.

Most people don’t even know when the National Day of Prayer takes place, let alone fast and pray on the first Thursday in May.

Is there any wonder WHY the United States of America in in the condition it is in right now?  Is there any wonder WHY we see all the crime, recessions, wars and rumors of wars and natural disasters beyond anything ever recorded before, happening NOW?


And to discuss WHAT that is, our good friend Tom Donnan is back with us today as we are going to discuss something the Lord spoke to him.  Three words, “I Am Justice.”  And how true that is…

And with the recent decision by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade – it is even more important than ever as we look at this through the Spiritual lens of scripture! Amen!

Help me welcome back to the program, our good friend, Tom Donnan!

Tom, thank you for joining us again today, brother!

Tell us what the Lord spoke to you and showed you…

How does Roe v. Wade fit into all of this?

Breaking down what overturning Roe v. Wade means - YouTube

We talked before about Ezekiel 14:12, how God sends troubles to those who don’t listen to Him. And we talked about the Spiritual SHAKING of America (and the world).   Just briefly go over those things again and remind our listeners of what they were…

You believe the food shortages and financial problems are all self-inflicted wounds?

I did a series on “The Last Pope” several years ago, after reading “Petrus Romanus: The Last Pope,” by Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam way back in 2012.  I did the series I think in 2013.  But the evidence they presented actually happened AFTER the book was published when the Pope suddenly announced his retirement (which, in the book was identified as September of 2012).  He announced his retirement in May of 2013…but through interviews with other Vatican insiders, he initially planned to announce his retirement in – you guessed it, “September of 2012!  Then, according to the book, the last Pope would be selected…a “Roman” Pope.  And now we have Pope Francis – who is from Rome initially, but ended up living in South America… Coincidence – I think not!  How about you, Tom?

Is This the Last Pope? | Tipping Point | End Times Teaching | Jimmy Evans - YouTube

With all these things happening, in this day and hour, there is no doubt that, Spiritually, “something” is happening!  In fact, even those who deal with the “natural” outlook on world events are believing we are closer than ever to the infamous “Doomsday.” Have you seen the “Doomsday Clock” was moved closer to the climax of midnight than ever before?

Current Time - 2022 - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (

We usually discuss some type of disaster that has happened somewhere in the world as further proof of things going south fast… What do you think about Lake Mead’s water supply getting so low, they’ve had to cut off supply water to some states!

Lake Mead Drops to "Inactive Pool" Status. Power will be lost to Millions - YouTube

Say what you want, but I believe President Trump was appointed by God to give the United States “one last chance” to turn things around. This New World Order was being stopped in its tracks as he did not play that game. He was 100% for his America First policies – which is why the “new world order” worked so hard to discredit him and, some speculate, forced China to “release” the COVID virus to interrupt his policies.  If it were not for COVID, there is no doubt President Trump would have been reelected. Employment was up across the board for all races, unemployment was down, the economy was up, the interest rates were down, everything was positive. We were energy independent for the first time in like 50 years!

And after decades of talking about it – President Trump finally moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem!

 Our allies were looking favorably on us again. Our enemies respected and feared us (notice Putin did nothing while Trump was in office. He did under Obama-Biden and as soon as Biden took office, he started into Ukraine!

But then, COVID came along and changed everything…

These are exciting times to be living in, despite all the bad happening around us! Why? Because we are going to be able to usher in the return of our King will restore all things under HIS authority. Not our governments authority. Not under Russian authority or the Taliban authority – but HIS KINGDOM AUTHORITY!  Amen!


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