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Get Rid of Your Monsters with L.Y. Marlow
Episode 332nd September 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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We all encounter monsters on our goal achievement journeys. Monsters such as regret, worry, guilt, fear and shame and today’s guest will teach us how to get rid of those monsters.

In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes L. Y. Marlow, an award-winning author and empowerment advocate. She will teach us how to reclaim our power and stop letting monsters rule our lives. Learn how L.Y. got to live her passion, her purpose and her power and be inspired to find a way, confront your monsters and take action. L.Y. believes that everything that happens is either a gift, a blessing or a lesson and she challenges us to identify our purpose and calling.

Episode Highlights 

04:00 - Struggling to build Saving Promise, I started to encounter all of my monsters. 

06:54 - Confront your monsters, fight your monsters, and do it anyway. Use those monsters to propel you forward. 

07:45 - I created this mindset around what is needed to mobilize you. Because we become stuck. Identify your monsters. Confront it. And then you make your choice. 

09:42 - Everything that happens to us is either a lesson, a blessing, or a gift, and most of the time it is a lesson.

14:44 - When you have those sharks, and those jellyfishes, and the stinging, and the burning - find a way. One stroke at a time.


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