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Pet Scams Unleashed: Protecting Consumers in the Digital Age of Pet Adoption & Breeding Scams
Episode 4719th July 2023 • IAFCI Presents... The Protectors •
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For anyone who has owned a pet, you know the bond and emotional attachment that instantly occurs when you welcome them into your family. Online fraudsters also know this and lure you in with your heart, a few pictures, and your wallet. Unscrupulous individuals, social media postings, and fraudulent websites have taken advantage of people's desires to own a new pet.

On today's episode of The Protectors, Mike and Mark welcome Steve Baker, a former Director of the Federal Trade Commission in the Midwest. Steve served with the Better Business Bureau as International Investigation Specialist and is the author of the Baker Fraud Report, a newsletter on consumer fraud that goes out worldwide once a week. 

Additionally, on the podcast, two victims of online pet fraud scams speak out and share how they were targeted. They chose to come forward to help prevent others from becoming victims. It is essential for prospective pet owners to be vigilant, informed, and equipped with the knowledge to identify and avoid these fraudulent schemes. Heed the advice from today's show, and don't fall victim to these heartless schemes.


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