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Episode 10728th June 2022 • Tabula Rasa, B!tches!: A Buffy Rewatch Show • Allie Press & Nick Mercer
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In Ep. 107 of Tabula Rasa, B!tches!, Allie and Nick discuss “Angel.” After saving Buffy from a group of fierce vampires called “The Three,” Angel hides out in Buffy’s house until the coast is clear. The next night, the two share a kiss, and we learn that Angel is, in fact, a vampire! Meanwhile, Darla and the Master hatch a plan to bring Angel back to the dark side. Darla sneaks into Buffy’s house, feeds on Buffy’s mom, Joyce, and frames Angel for doing it. Buffy confronts Angel in the Bronze, learns that he is not evil due to being cursed with a soul, and just as Buffy is in danger from Darla, Angel kills Darla. Buffy and Angel kiss the next day, acknowledging their love is a forbidden one.


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