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A Sex Worker's Guide to the Galaxy - Parker Westwood EPISODE 15, 23rd June 2021
Lena Czura (Part Two)
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Lena Czura (Part Two)

This episode is the second half of our interview with my dear friend and fellow sex worker, Lena Czura. With just as much joy and love as last time, we journey into the topics of developing a spiritual practice, the importance of boundaries, and practicing energy work as a sex worker. It's juicy, y'all.

Lena Czura's Links:

Website: lenaczura.com

Twitter: @lenaczura

Instagram: @lenaczura1

OnlyFans: @lenaczura

A Network of Sex Workers to Excite Revolution's Links

Website: answerdetroit.org

Twitter: @answerdetroit

Instagram: @weareanswerdetroit

Things We Mention:

FFTs Episode of the Unlocking Us by Brene Brown


Boundaries for Badass Femmes

Relationship Anarchy

Kayak Tours of the Detroit Canals

All About Love by Bell Hooks

Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown

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