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Never a Dull Moment with Paul Greatrix
25th November 2021 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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The guest in this episode is the wonderfully authentic, modest, imaginal Paul Greatrix, Registrar ( AKA COO) of Nottingham University; one of the UKs’ biggest universities with over 8,000 staff, 35,000 students and £750million turnover.. so no small outfit. His responsibility is to CREATE operating models and cultural frameworks where everyone at all levels are in learning mode. 

Leaders in all organisations are finally realising life long learning is no longer a nice to have. Continuous learning and improvement is crucial in this time of continuous and accelerating change 

So there’s a lot be learned from academia - with its particularly complicated mix of challenges, tensions and the very different needs of stakeholder groups- professional services, academics, researchers - and, of course, students : An ever changing, increasingly hard to please customer based with constant turnover. 

How does Paul 

  • minimise negative disruption and maximise creative opportunities ?
  • Bust through bureaucracy, committee culture and assumed constraints ?
  • Create environments where everyone is incentivised and feels safe to explore, play and create?

His answers are refreshingly honest :

  • A bit of guerrilla warfare ( don’t worry no-one gets hurt
  • A lot of bribery ( don’t worry it’s only pizza) 
  • Broad and liberal boundaries 
  • Sharing learnings way beyond the the walls of his own organisation 

.. and a bucket load of humour. Because Humour is Human!

Be Inspired. Be Imaginal. Be more Human.

WONKHE is a good place to find out more abut Paul:

Go to to see the CREATE Framework, for full transcripts and to send feedback and suggestions.

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Find out about beep’s CREATE Framework and it’s uniquely effective approach to cultural and operational transformation here ;

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