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MASTERCLASS: Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Caterer For Your Wedding - with Richard Van Der Plas of Edenopolis Events
Episode 3321st October 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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Hello and welcome back to the show! This is show number 33 and today is all about FOOD, glorious food! This is one of those episodes that I consider to be a Masterclass because my guest discusses EVERYTHING you need to know about hiring a caterer for your wedding.

He is the chef and owner at Edenopolis Events and has over 16 years in the NYC hospitality industry traveling all over the world living, eating and studying food in over 25 countries. He's catered everything from small intimate celebrity dinner parties, to fantasy weddings to 500 plus people corporate events and has done events everywhere from yachts, to European castles, to beaches, mountain retreats, vineyards, farms and more.

In addition to being the chef and owner at Edenopolis Events, he is also the head chef of Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Cafe opening this Fall.

Today, Richard shares so much about wedding catering. He discusses:

  • The most important things to look for in a caterer
  • The difference between hiring a restaurant to cater events and hiring a professional caterer
  • The most important questions to ask a caterer
  • The questions couples don't ask but should
  • What 99% of catering actually's not food related
  • The licenses and liabilities a caterer needs
  • How your caterer handles bartending
  • The certifications bartenders need
  • day-of liquor licenses
  • the importance of a good bartender and where they should have certification from
  • Why tastings are so important and what they tell you of your caterer
  • The different types of catering and staffing
  • the red flags to look out for
  • Where to hire your catering staff from
  • Why catering staff is the most important part of your event
  • Why a wedding day is not the time to try new foods

To learn more about Richard and Edenopolis Events, click on any of the links below:



We'd love to know how you found your caterer. Do you have any catering advice you'd like to share with others?

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