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Avoid Burnout and Reclaim Your Life of Joy
Episode 13515th May 2024 • ENCUENTRAS YOUR VOICE • Consuelo Crosby
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Feeling burned out and don't know how to restart? Not sure what got you here to begin with?

We get it! Especially as First Gen oldest or only daughters!

This 15 minute Pod Club episode based on the gems we learned from Alexa Martinez last week, Business and Expansion coach living in Melbourne, Australia, helping women reclaim their life through her masterful process. Today will get you started on reclaiming your life by figuring out the most important part: core values.

These gems of life lessons are for everyone and speak to your most authentic self. Which, you may come to realize, is buried under all the expectations and obligations you are fulfilling for someone else.

  • "Alexa invited us to define four core values so that we could build our present day, our life that we want."

Consuelo shares her process of defining her core values and encourages listeners to do the same, perhaps even with a vision board to bring it all to life.

This episode stands alone but it's always better after the full conversation with Alexa and her bubbly, empowering personality.


  • Avoiding burnout requires placing oneself at the center of one's own life and defining core values.
  • Core values serve as a guide for decision-making and help prioritize what is important.
  • Consuelo shares her discovery of her own 4 Core Values after listening to Alexa.
  • Creating a vision board can be a helpful tool in visualizing and manifesting one's core values.
  • Next week's guest, Bianca Alba, a First Gen Latina and college grad with a Masters in Public Health, shares her journey towards starting her own podcast, This Latina Travels to encourage all Latinas to step out into the world and represent!

Consuelo is a First Gen Peruvian, structural engineer, mother and Scorpio fired Latina out to hold the mic and shine the light for amazing Latinas and advocates who share their journey from ancestry to authenticity in their most genuine voice. 

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