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Why is the Real YOU so Important? w/ Nadine Montaghami
Episode 8026th June 2024 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode80: Why is the Real YOU so Important? w/ Nadine Montaghami


Is the Authentic You Selfish? Why Is the Authentic You So Needed? The Most Powerful Version of Yourself Are You Actually the Authentic You? Being the Real You Is Life Changing

Today my special guest is Nadine Montaghami.

Nadine Montaghami is a renowned business psychic and the visionary founder of "Year Of Oracle" and "Tea Talks." As a gifted, born psychic, Nadine channels spirit to provide profound guidance and foresight, specialising in advising women in business, leadership, and elite high achievers.

Up untill a couple of years ago Nadine was also a relationship coach for women who wanted happier relationships and that included the one with themselves as well as a partner

Nadine harnessed her clairvoyant abilities to professionally read and channel for others, following years of offering her talents privately to her circle. Her unique insights and foresight have empowered numerous clients to navigate their business and life paths with confidence and clarity, seeing results that have been far beyond what was expected and changing the trajectory of their success in business and life

She holds a BA Honours in Contemporary Fine Art and has been a dynamic entrepreneur since 2005. Her diverse ventures have spanned the wedding industry, party planning, clothing design, interior design, and a handmade gift company, showcasing her creative prowess and business acumen.

As the host and founder of "Tea Talks," Nadine creates spaces for meaningful conversations and community building.

In her own relationship, Nadine refers to her partner as her King and has enjoyed a connection full of love, acceptance and authenticity

Her story is an inspiration to those who seek to live a life they choose.

Today we discuss the importance of being completely yourself and how that completely transforms your life and your relationships.

We often spend our life trying to be what others think we should be or doing relationships the way others tell us to. If this doesn't align with who you are, this will never work for you.

You need to be the most authentic version of yourself to be completely free and have joy in your life.

We also talk about what it takes to have an Empowered Relationship. It's not what you think. We need Safety, Connection, and Novelty to have an Empowered Relationship. If you want more information about this, reach out, I can help.

If you would like to get in contact with Nadine Montaghami, you can use the links below:

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Love, Karine

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