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Bringing Kindness to Mental Health with Mercia Cummings
Episode 1027th April 2020 • Medicine Caller • Sophia Wise One
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Sophia is joined this week by Mercia Cummings, a masterful therapist, meditator, and healer. She brings a lot to this episode that moves quickly but doesn’t overwhelm. The rapport between these two is calming and kind. They are here to validate you all day every day. This is one of the many Facebook Live episodes Sophia has been doing from quarantine. And bonus! There are dogs! They’re very quiet and this isn’t a video anymore, but just know—there are dogs in the room. 

They cover a lot of ground in this episode, but here are some of the major takeaways:

  • They talk about mental health self care as a way of showing up for other people “giving of people, but no longer giving to my own detriment.” -Mercia Cummings
  • They discuss mother wounding and the feelings a lot of people have around feeling like a motherless child, even if there was a mother physically present in their lives. Thankfully they have a lot of good news to share around this healing.
  • They get real about how messy healing can be and remind us to be graceful with ourselves and accept the beauty in the ugly
  • They take a deep dive into ADHD and the stigmas around all mental health diagnoses offering a more open-minded perspective about neurodiversity

You can listen to Mercia’s Podcast “Counseling, Conversations and Motivation” wherever you like to hear podcasts. You can find links to the podcast and more at her website and you can follow her on instagram @IamMerciaCummings and @Making_of_Mercia 

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