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Achieving Your Goals: The Practical Side of Law of Attraction and Manifesting
Episode 8522nd August 2023 • Women In Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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I've wanted to do an episode about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting for a while but haven't had the space to really think it through. I want to make a practical guide to manifesting; one that is grounded in reality and not a lot of the spiritual noise that I often hear about this subject.

To me the Law of Attraction and Manifesting boils down to having a clear vision or goal, taking action to achieve your goal(s) all whilst maintaining a positive mindset. The key to this is taking action. I am sure there is more to it than that - or maybe there isn't! I like to keep things simple.

Anyway I hope you like this straightforward and practical view on the attracting and manifesting what you want. Do I believe you can be, do or have what ever you manifest... I guess it is possible with the right focus and effort. Most of the manifesting success stories that I have heard have been aligned to how that person operates of the direction they have been travelling anyway - that is not to discount their achievements but to celebrate that they were on the journey and putting in the work so their reward was a result of their efforts.

Hello, I'm Vanessa, the host of Women In Confidence. Welcome and thanks for listening. I designed this podcast to appeal to working women who want to understand what confidence is, what you can do to build (or rebuild) your confidence and then maintain it. I interview amazing women who have genuine stories to tell about their journey through life and how they manage the ups and downs of life. My vision is for my listeners to try something that has worked for my guests and if it changes their lives then I feel that the podcast has been a positive contribution to the world.

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I hope 2023 has going well for you - wow time is flying so quickly. My ambition for Women In Confidence, this year, is to reach some record download numbers per episode and to find a sponsor. Let me know what you are hoping to achieve in 2023.

Vanessa xx

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