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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 22, 30th October 2020
Product Marketing Life | Vincent Xu, Google
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Product Marketing Life | Vincent Xu, Google

We got together with Product Marketing Manager at Google, and PMA ambassador, Vincent Xu, for a fascinating discussion on digital accessibility in APAC’s emerging markets. Vincent shares some of the major tech trends in APAC, the accessibility of tech in emerging markets as well as some of the biggest roadblocks, plus the role PMMs play in tackling accessibility, his personal approach, and heaps more. 


other reason why digital accessibility has become increasingly important is because of an enduring post COVID era, essentially, where schools are forced to move learning online, or potentially having a lot of doctor tele-consulting services, which is not only helpful in terms of personal hygiene, personal safety, but also can have massive impacts in terms of mitigating the strain on over flooding hospitals. 


The rise in digital accessibility, because of all the innovations taking place, and because of this enduring post COVID era where things are slowly moving online, or rapidly moving online, for that matter. This is something that I think is pretty important in emerging markets.