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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 57, 27th December 2020
Ep 57: Why Rebel Performance Exists and How to Become Lifeproof with James Cerbie
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Ep 57: Why Rebel Performance Exists and How to Become Lifeproof with James Cerbie

Today, Dean Guedo interviews me, James Cerbie, on the story of Rebel Performance. We discuss the ins-and-outs of Rebel and what sets it apart as a coaching service; but we also go into my own personal story and my unique journey in the industry. Finally, we touch on a topic that I consider the nearest and dearest to my heart: helping humans become lifeproof.

This episode is an open book on who I am, what I do, why Rebel Performance exists, and what I want it to be. I thought that, instead of your usual solo episode where the host basically reads off a script (something I find to be mind-numbingly boring), we could keep things lively and get more out on the table through a back-and-forth with my buddy Dean. We dive deep into a number of insights into my vision for my life and for Rebel that I would not have otherwise gotten into if I had stuck to a scripted monologue.

I start things off by recounting my first love that was baseball and being bitten by the iron bug back in high school. We then go into my early career starting with my first job at Bank of America to interning first for Eric Cressey as a part-time strength and conditioning coach, and then for Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman at IFAST. From there we discuss my decision to go to grad school for a degree in Integrative Physiology, why I decided not to finish the program, and how this experience led to the first iteration of Silverback and my passion for training to become lifeproof.

On the topic of being lifeproof, we go into detail on the five pillars of athletic performance, or what I call The Apex Pillars and how to set your expectations as an individual to meet your potential in these areas. Finally, I share case studies of two individuals living different lives who were able to embody what it means to be a lifeproof athlete.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [05:52] An introduction to James and his love for athletics
  • [14:52] James’s internships with Eric Cressey and IFAST
  • [33:38] Taking a short-lived PhD program in Integrative Physiology at the University of Utah
  • [39:58] Starting Silverback
  • [43:35] What it means to be lifeproof
  • [57:14] Optimizing your performance while navigating your specific life circumstances
  • [1:02:49] A case study of a young apex-level athlete
  • [1:16:57] A case study of an older individual with chronic back issues
  • [1:23:24] How Rebel tailors their training to your athlete archetype

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