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Build or Buy: Do it myself or hire a guy?
Episode 173rd May 2022 • Fireside Freedom Podcast • Fireside Freedom
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Join Ken, Brian, Hawkins, Tim, and Buddy as they discuss when it makes sense to do it yourself or hire a guy.

Here's what they discuss:

  • Where does your thinking go when considering building vs buying?
  • What kind of projects do you immediately think build? Buy?
  • Do you figure in your time as part of a projects cost in building something out?
  • Do you factor in skills and knowledge gained as an offsetting cost of doing it yourself.
  • What do you build/do vs hire out?
  • Is the knowledge gained by doing worth the time spent vs buying and not knowing as much?
  • Overall, when you look back, would you say you're in the positive or negative because of the choices you've made?

The Firestarters: