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Becoming Architects of Change with Karley Cunningham
Episode 1913th July 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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Business and entrepreneurship can be powerful tools for producing the change we need in the world. Karley Cunningham shares how community-oriented businesses that focus on interlocking, rather than isolated success, can reach more people with messages and create the kinds of change that are truly needed in the world right now. When it comes to creating positive change in the world, business and entrepreneurship offer a unique and powerful platform. Find out how businesses can become an architect of change. 


04:51 I didn’t really feel like everybody else in the norm, in the average, and that was in so many different ways in my life that I think the big decision was coming out. 

06:34 My business’ purpose is to fuel entrepreneurial fire and to help those that are creating the change in the world we need right now succeed, and grow and thrive.  

08:21 You can choose right now to be comfortable and just put your head down or you can choose to step up and stand up for something you believe in. 

11:38 Ask yourself what it is at the heart of what matters to you and what you believe in.  

16:02 Thinking about what matters most to you oftentimes we can create systems of change that are interlocking. 



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Karley Cunningham’s Bio 

Business Growth Accelerator & Brand Strategist Karley Cunningham takes businesses from overcrowded, competitive spaces into blue ocean territory where they can confidently stand out and thrive as brand leaders in their sector. Her international client base benefits from accelerated growth, profit and stability as her innovative Surefire Method™ provides them with a sure-fire strategy and toolkit that enables them to charge a premium, attract ideal clients, and outpace their competitors.