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265 Attending to the Landscape of Body and Being • Stephen Schleipfer
Episode 26516th August 2022 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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Patients come to us expecting a change in their situation—whether that is to gain or get rid of something. And as the 'expert' in the room, there's a proclivity to go in with the intention to find what's wrong and remediate it. 

Consider that as a practitioner,  your role is to inquire by touch and not impose your ideas of what is right for a patient. To touch with curiosity, listen with your hands, allow patients to express themselves in a process of self-discovery and transformation, create space for the expression of their Jing (精), and make available the quiet comfort of no expectations. For this, our guest on this Qiological episode recommends we lend our consciousness or awareness to the landscape. Hone your attention to what is there, to the present moment. 

In this conversation with Stephen Schleipfer, we explore the concepts of intention and attention, and how they impact the palpatory experience. We discuss the importance of bringing our attention to the causative space, the practice of self-cultivation, connecting our particulars to the whole, and learning to both connect and  let go as vehicles to transform our practice.

Listen into this discussion on the key role of palpation, the use of attention in the clinical encounter, and working in the causative space.