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Tax Talks with Pro, Grant Dougherty! πŸ’‘
Episode 21 β€’ 16th February 2023 β€’ Happy Hour Money β€’ Josh Bennett & Isaiah Douglass
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It's officially πŸ“… tax season.

So, we are thrilled to welcome Grant Dougherty, the Founder & CEO of Dougherty Tax Solutions, as well as a social media expert on all things tax, to discuss the many ways you can use tax strategies to keep your tax bill as low as possible and more money in your hands.

Want to learn more and receive more detailed advice on how to be as tax efficient as possible? πŸ€”

Josh and Grant are both leading tax experts in the industry, and they delve deeper into tax loopholes that many people overlook, as well as discuss the implications of taxes on πŸ’Έ finances and 🌱investments. This is an episode you do not want to miss.

Grab a 🍻 drink and listen to a great discussion where we can help you minimize your tax bill to the fullest extent this year.