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18. The People Who Make Us: Finding Mentors to Keep Us Moving Forward, with Chad Silverstein
Episode 1827th April 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Chad Silverstein is living proof that you can succeed in business AND do right by the people you work with and the people you serve, regardless of your industry. 

Chad has worked in the Collections industry for 22 years, and in that time, he has developed and refined his personal philosophy — a philosophy based on the principles of purpose, responsibility, kindness, and love — and integrated them into his day-to-day operations and interactions with clients, teammates, and his community.

Chad’s philosophy was greatly influenced by three mentors, each of whom left him with an important lesson: 1)Work harder than those around you; 2) Treat the people you work around, including those who work for you, with kindness; and 3) never stop raising the bar for yourself. 

These three mentors, and these lessons, led Chad to become the co-founder of [re]start, a way to get more people into jobs they love. It’s mission lines up with his own: People deserve to love the work they do.

What Brett asks:

  • [02:32] Can you tell us about your background?
  • [04:49] How would you describe yourself as a kid?
  • [12:33] Do you still feel that drive to work harder than anybody else?
  • [15:29] How was it for you that you didn’t end up winning?
  • [20:31] What’s next for you after wrestling?
  • [24:56] Were you thinking that you wanted to go into psychology?
  • [31:04] What was the experience like being thrust into business?
  • [34:37] Where did your approach to collections came from?
  • [40:00] How does Built to Lead show up in your life?
  • [48:59] How did you develop the mindset to empower people and reinvent yourself?
  • [52:51] Can you tell us how religion and spirituality have guided you?
  • [01:00:56] How are you integrating all of your business learning into the Jewish community?

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