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1973 - Don't Look Now
7th December 2023 • Movie of the Year •
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Movie of the Year: 1973

Don't Look Now

This week we discuss Don't Look Now! Can this movie chase its way to our 1973 Movie of the Year?

After losing their daughter Christine to an accidental drowning, Laura and John Baxter relocate to Venice, Italy so he can restore an old, and somehow fake(??), church. But while there, they encounter a couple of odd sisters, one of who seems to have the gift of second sight. They tell Laura that the late Christine is still with them and this news hits the couple in two very different ways. 

Laura is suddenly happy and exploring the worlds of spiritualism and religion, but John is skeptical despite the fact that he seems to be having visions of his own of a figure very much like his daughter, moving through the allies of Venice.

But John’s visions do nothing to diminish his skepticism and this leaves him half blind as he tries to reconcile his existential certainty with his quite hope that he can reconnect with his daughter. But when he gets close to doing this, boom it’s a creepy old lady instead and she slits his throat.

Grief really is complex!

The movie is iconic, but is it scary? And do we remember the right parts of it? Also, what does it say about the horrors of precognition? We get into it!

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