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Episode 8
Episode 815th March 2021 • Exuberance Is Beauty • Donna Barrow-Green
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Exuberance Is Beauty is an audio book brought to life! The immersive pacing of a novel in a fully scripted audio-drama. Do you love fiction podcasts AND audio books? Looking for something to transport you deep into the psychology of compelling dramatic characters? Do you love the narrative structure of a longer piece of fiction?

Exuberance Is Beauty is the story of a young woman named Eve who has fallen in love with the wrong man. The 1940s post-war society offers her few choices when she becomes pregnant. As she goes through her pregnancy in this first season, we see Eve in love, ambivalent, but beginning to change. Her lover, Jeff, also see that Eve is changing. Eve's growing independence brings out a terrible side of him. The 1940s view of women allows him the power to force her will or destroy her. In this complicated emotional game, Eve has an ally in Mary-a farmers wife- who has taken her in to have the baby. Together Mary and Eve believe they can secure Eve's choice to build a new life for herself and her child.

In Season 1 Eve leaves her home in Portland, Oregon and moves to the country to live with an older couple on their farm. Through letters and telephone calls we are privy to Eve and Jeff's secret life, a world where art, passion, and spirit justifies indiscretion and dishonesty.

Written by: Donna Barrow-Green


Darlene Sorensen

Eric Schneiwind

Shelley Bryant

Ross Laguzza

Episode 8 Appearances:

Robin Gray

Wren Ingber

Outro Music by Raf Green

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