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Deeper Christian Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) EPISODE 143, 29th January 2020
Do you worship a historical or living God?

Do you worship a historical or living God?

Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 143

We as Christians often treat God as if He is merely a historical character from the past rather than the Living God.

How we see God will determine how we worship and engage with Him. Either we will fall into religious ritual and duty or we will be consumed with a passionate desire for greater relationship and intimacy with Him.

In this episode, Nathan Johnson (NRJohnson) talks about the difference between seeing God as a historical character and beholding Him as the Living God that He is. Nathan also gives three ideas to help you grow in your understanding and relationship with the Living God.

And once we recognize God as the Living God, it will change everything in our lives.

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