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City Council Candidate Vadim Mozyrsky
Episode 2513th December 2021 • BikePortland Podcast • Pedaltown Media Inc
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Show notes:

Last week we shared an interview with Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. This week we hear from one of the candidates who wants her seat: Vadim Mozyrsky.

Mozyrsky is an administrative law judge who specializes in disability law (and sees improving city policy for people with disabilities as one of his top priorities if elected). He lives in the Goose Hollow neighborhood and, while he's a relative newcomer to local politics, he's well-known in civic circles for his service on a number of committees and commissions. Mozyrsky is currently a member of the Portland Charter Commission, that's looking into changing Portland's form of government; and the Portland Committee on Community Engaged Policing, a group charged to be a liaison between the community and the Portland Police Bureau. Mozyrsky is a former member of the Citizen Review Committee, formed by the City of Portland in 2001 to improve police accountability; the Portland Commission on Disability; and the Portland Public Safety Action Coalition.

We talked about his personal story as an immigrant from Kiev, Ukraine and how he more recently escaped Houston's terrible traffic for the walkable and bikeable streets of Portland. Mozyrsky also explained his ideas on how to boost bicycling and reduce driving, how to improve policing and law enforcement, how tackle Portland's homelessness crisis, his style of leadership, and much more.

This episode was recorded on December 4th, just five days after he filed his paperwork with the city elections office.

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