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'SERVO' is your new NAME | To Be OF Service & Not just IN Service
Episode 725th September 2019 • SRVD Radio • Rafael 'Raf' Jauregui
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SRVD's WHY: Epic Episode 7

Not just to be in Service, but to be OF Service

Raf is given a new name: SERVO

"Servo" comes from the Latin verb “servare” meaning to serve.

“Servo” is the first person singular which means “I serve.” As it is, the present tense of “servare” is:

servo =I serve.

servas = you serve (singular).

servat = he /she serves.

servamus =we serve.

servatis = you serve (plural).

servant =they serve.

Etymologically, some English words which come from Latin are: serve; service; servant; servitude; server; servile; servitor; and servility.

(Jaigobin Shivcharran, Ph.D. Secondary and Tertiary Education & Linguistics, Summit University of Louisiana (1998),

"I'll see you on the line...Onward!!!" - Servo 9414

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