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Society 2.0 w/ Boris Peysakhov
Episode 2627th August 2020 • Scale with Psychology • Ani Manian
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Have you ever wondered what society will look like in the next 15-20 years? Do you regularly struggle with feeling happy or hopeful about the state of the world and your place in it? Do you find yourself experiencing pain or anxiety without having a clear vision of what’s causing it? This episode could help you not only see what’s possible on an individual level but also on a collective level and where humanity is headed. 

In this episode, Boris joins me to talk about where society and personal growth are heading in the next 20 years. Boris and I talk about everything from how we expect society as a whole to function as well as individual expansion and psychedelics. We even talk through the effect of personal struggles and how to start tackling generational trauma. If you’ve ever wondered about the impact your personal vibration and awareness can have on the collective, this is a fascinating episode.


If you’re aware (as I’m sure you are) of the massive shifts happening in our world, this episode will expand your view of what could come from this time. In this episode, you’ll see what’s possible when you can sit with yourself and feel the pain or anxiety that you experience without running away from it like many of us have done. We even talk about how to start feeling and processing these stuck emotions that are slowing us down.

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