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Ep 127. Sol Healing With Italia
5th March 2021 • Travel N Sh!t Podcast • dCarrie
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Wellness travel is a well known and popular category I’d venture to say most of us have heard of here. Whether you’re heading out for an Eat, Pray, Love experience or heading to a destination because you heard their ocean is salty (read as because there’s a beach and you found a cheap enough flight), wellness can happen wherever you let it. This week I spoke with @solhealingwithitalia about her journey in wellness as a sound healer and wellness practitioner. Study abroad, black women in wellness, growth through discomfort and changing narratives for future generations are a few of the topics we touched on and I’m sure this is an episode you’ll enjoy. Dig in. Be social! Guest: Italia Woodson Http:// Host:  Show:  Clubhouse: @TravelNShit Ready to plan your first solo trip? Download my Solo Travel Planning Course! It’s FREE!!! Not new to solo travel? Pass it on to a friend who still has questions. There’s Travel N Sh!t merch!! For tees, totes courses and whatever else I’ve added by now, be sure to check out the store.