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Advice and Advantage: How to D&D - Nick Porter and Joshua Smith EPISODE 11, 5th April 2021
Bard Class Spotlight

Bard Class Spotlight

Those who pick the Bard class are able to Inspire their allies, Enchant their foes, and live up to the memes. Bards are often depicted playing instruments, singing, or reciting poetry. Do you need any of these skills yourself to play the class? We say not necessarily! Listen to the episode to find out why we have such a firm stance in the middle of the road!

Join Nick and Josh as they look for magical secrets, toot toot the flute, and talk Bard.

  • What Sets the Bard apart from other classes?
  • Playing Bards as more than musicians
  • Roleplaying your bard skill vs Performing.
  • Why bards are enchanting enough to make a Dragon blush.

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