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Episode 22: Karen McDonagh Reynolds, CTrO at Velonetic
Episode 226th November 2023 • Behind the Desk... with Mark Thomas • Eames Group
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Welcome to Episode 22, Season 3 of the Behind the Desk Podcast! Join me as I chat with Karen McDonagh Reynolds, Chief Transformation Officer at Velonetic. She is leading arguably the most groundbreaking and pivotal transformation initiatives in the insurance sector - delivering Blueprint II at Velonetic, previously known as the Lloyds Joint Venture. 

In this episode, we speak about her career, which did not start off in insurance. She shares with us her journey of how she got into insurance, and how different it looked both culturally and from a technology perspective.  

Karen has not only been named in the CIO Top 100 twice but has led some of the most groundbreaking technology modernization initiatives across some of the biggest names in the sector. Most importantly, she has a brilliant personality with an infectious nature and is the kind of person you could talk to for absolutely hours. And I very nearly did so. 

Let's get behind the desk with Karen McDonough Reynolds. 

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